Wu joins Biden administration

Tim Wu / Columbia Law

Tom Paine

Big tech critic and net neutrality advocate Tim Wu is joining the Biden administration to work on technology and competitive issues on the National Economic Council.

Wu, who has been a law professor at Columbia, is most widely known as a proponent of Net Neutrality, a term he is credited with inventing. But his interests in using antitrust versus dominant tech companies are really much broader than that.. His appointment appears to signal the direction the Biden Administration may take on the regulatory front, though he won’t directly possess much policy power on the NEC.

As President, Donald Trump railed against Comcast, calling it names such as “Concast”. But he barely touched Comcast during his term in office, and his free market-oriented FCC Chairman Ajit Pai reversed the net neutrality regs imposed during the Obama administration. I can tell you that Comcast mostly loved Pai for his policy positions. But Wu’s appointment must mean that a resumption of Net Neutrality will be under consideration.

Beyond Broadband, Wu’s book “The Curse of Bigness” attacks the M&A culture of bigness that characterizes big tech. He argues for breaking up Facebook. Although Wu is a favorite of progressives, if he plays his cards right he might garner support from conservatives on some issues who are also alarmed by Big Tech’s power..

On another note, Wu evidently cleaned out his tweets prior to accepting his government role.