Philly tech employment trends

Employees. Total. Phil

CMI Media. 915. 434

Phenom People. 1501 386

Frontline Education. 812 209

Boomi 1390 313

Qlik 2698. 230

Gopuff. 3637

EMoney Advisor. 667. 373

Dbt. 205

Piano 520 56

Source: LinkedIn

This is not a scientific survey of Philly Tech employers; it’s missing the very largest & some of the up & comers.

I’ve relied on LinkedIn’s fiilters to obtain figures on how many employees of the Philly firms are actually local. (I can’t swear these breakouts are always acccurate. And I simply couldn’t find local breakouts for a few including GoPuff.’)
But on the whole, it’s surprising that so few employees are actually locally based.

I wanted to report on how strong EMoney Advisor (sub Fidelity Advisor) & CMI Media Group (sub WPP) have
become since buyouts by out of town
Firms a few years back. Frontline Education is one that’s often overlooked locally.

Boomi is in a curious position. Split between Chesterbrook and San Francisco, it was always Dell’s (implicit?) commitment to keep Boomi’s headquarters here. Now that Dell no longer owns it, who knows? The natural pull is towards Silicon Valley, but new CEO David Meredith. is a Boston guy and might establish yet another base over time up there.