“The Hunt”, from Universal, finally opens after long delay

Update: “The Hunt” grossed $5.3 million in its opening weekend, 5th among 5 major releases in the worst box office weekend in recent memory. Universal said today that it would make the film and others available online while still playing in theaters.

Tom Paine

The Hunt, a controversal film from Comcast NBC’s Universal, finally opened today after being pulled from distribution before its planned opening last fall. In a situation somewhat similar to The Manchurian Candidate, its screening was delayed in the wake of multiple violent shootings .

The film features an American society where one group of people (elitists) kidnap and. hunt down another group of people. The groups roughly reflect the current divisions cutting through US politics. Its not the type of film Universal usually puts out.

The Hunt is gory, and initial reviews don’t appear too favorable, but we’ll see how it does at the box office. People may not be up to taking it on during the Covid-19 scare.