How I lost my Twitter

Tom Paine

I’ve been booted off Twitter due to no fault of my own.

They cancelled my account, @phillytechnews, because it was hacked by some unknown character in the Baltic states. I was told that they couldn’t tell if it was me or some hacker on the account. No possible fixes were identified or discussed. i’ve tried to contact a few people, to no avail.

Obviously Twitter’s been having some bigger issues to deal with lately. But for me its a big deal. I built my web presence around Twitter. Though I have a website and also post on LinkedIn and now Substack, the overwhelming majority of my followers know me from Twitter. I know many of you, if only virtually in most cases, and you’re very important to me.

There is no way I can reconstitute my follower list. And it really screws up my future plans for the site. Twitter said I was welcome to open a new account, but starting off with no followers is overwhelming.

So I’m not willing to let this go. Twitter has larger accounts that get hacked, and it seems they get back on track. I imagine that there is a solution to this, but I’ve been thrown under the bus.

If anyone has ideas as to what I might do, let me know. And in the meantime, you can follow me at, on LinkedIn, or breaking news on Substack, which is still free for now.