How Covid-19 may accelerate technological change

I posted this in late March; Wonder how well its held up

Most historians study wars not for the battles, but for the transformative changes in society that are initiated during them. The same is true for major pandemics such as that caused by Covid-19..There is an urgency, a necessity, to try new solutions to solve problems. Often, these solutions involve adoption of new technologies.

These are some of the technologies and systemic changes that could see continued expanded use, if successful, after Covid-19 decelerates:

Telehealth or Telemedicune: Some medical situations can be handled or assisted in this way and some simply can’t. For those that can, Telehealth is being utilized much more. Last week, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services loosened requirements that would make it easier for hospitals to bolster care through telehealth.

Online gambling : The nascent industry may see its growth curve accelerate in states where it is available. New Jersey and Pennsylvania are two of those with a head start since the landmark Supreme Court ruling.

Online.Education Though there have been some disappointments in the past here, such as the tendency of students not to complete courses, adjustments to systems and approaches have been made. Zoom (which I consider overvalued) or its competitors are often factors. Philly startup Yellowdig is extending this offer:

Supply Chain

Covid-19 is an acid test for many supply chain methodologies and systems, and will reveal many faults.

Expect to see some systematic rethinking by the whole industry, which is already being reshaped by new technology.

Home delivery

Volume is likely to mushroom in the short term, and it will be a challenge for competitors to keep up with demand. goPuff’s approach, relying on its own distributed inventory stores, may prove out well. And certainly many new users will be introduced to these services during the current crisis.

Medical Diagnostics

Changes in fast remote medical testing that are evolving now may become the norm

Also, look for lasting changes to streanline and accelerate Clinical trials.

Broadband Speeds.

Cable & wireless providers are loosening or eliminating caps. When normalcy returns, will limits be fully restored? Signs of overload are appearing. Major streaming services are voluntarily slowing down in some regions.

Work from Home (telecommuiting): Remote security is a major concern. Video conferencing services are competing hard here.

GPS tracking

Israel and other nations are considering tracking Covid-19 test subjects using GPS systems, both for tracking individuals and collectively.

Delivery by robot or drone: Fits nicely with the goal of minimizing face-to-face encounters. Drones face a challenge in meeting FAA and national security concerns. Still mostly testing, but could see some things happening here.