If you’re hiring an onboarding specialist, there’s an even chance you will be hiring

Tom Paine

Something to pay attention to: If a company is hiring an onboarding specialist, there’s a fair chance that it might be planning to hire a few people.

One company in this situation is LearnUpon, a Dublin, Ireland-based company that has its US HQ in Philly. LearnUpon is a SaaS LMS (Learning Management System) used mostly in corporate or emerging SMB settings,. In late 2020, it raised $56 million from Boston-based Summit Partners.

Last October, LearnUpon’s CEO and co-founder Brendan Noud told TechCrunch the capital will be used in two areas:  to add more people to the startup’s engineering and product teams, and to bring on more people to help sell the product particularly in countries like the U.S., which already accounted for 70% of LearnUpon’s sales according to TechCrunch.

LearnUpon has over 200 employees overall. According to LinkedIn, it has 16 US employees all based in Philly.