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Sam Gutmann, CEO of OwnBackup | Courtesy OwnBackup


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Numbers are important to OwnBackup. The company currently houses 80 employees at its headquarters, in Englewood Cliffs (possibly 200 by year’s end), and 150 worldwide.

“We have a large presence still in Tel Aviv, we have an office in London and we have 10 to 15 people scattered across the United States working remotely,” said Sam Gutmann, CEO.

In August, OwnBackup was ranked #102 on the Inc. 5000 list for 2019, and it came in at #2  when compiled a list of fast-growing NJ tech companies from the Inc.article,

However, as significant as these numbers are — and from Gutmann’s reaction, you know they’re extremely important — what OwnBackup is doing for its steadily increasing clientele is at the forefront of the CEO’s mind.

“We consider it backup 3.0”

Sam Gutmann, CEO of OwnBackup

“We consider it backup 3.0,” said Gutmann. “Cloud to cloud, moving data from one cloud to another. Right now, we focus on the Salesforce ecosystem, the fourth-largest enterprise software company in the world: 180,000 customers.”

How it works

He explained the process. “We generally back up customers that use Salesforce or other applications built on the platform. When a customer deploys our tool — frankly, it’s a 15-minute set-up process — we almost immediately start backing up all the data they have on the platform. Then what happens, in the event of a data loss, the first thing you need to do is understand what happened. Salesforce or anything built on the cloud now is a giant, relational database. So if you delete 100 accounts, for example, you’re just not affecting those 100 accounts; the contacts, the opportunities and the leads would also be affected. We call this ‘cascade delete.’ Our series of comparison tools allows you to compare any two points in time. And we understand what data records were added, changed or deleted. Once you understand the extent of that data loss, we have tools that will allow you to start recovering the data.”

Recovery time for OwnBackup global clients depends on extent of the data corrupted. “We really want to provide the [100% Software-as-a-Service solution] tools, so you, the client, can understand what exactly was affected in a surgical way, and put the database back together, precisely the way you think it should be,” said Gutmann.

OwnBackup, minus its current name, was started as a part-time project in 2013 in Israel by Gutmann’s friend and colleague, current CTO Ariel Berkman. In mid-2014, Berkman landed a large enterprise customer in the United States, which encouraged the company to think more globally and changed the part-time project into a full-time venture. The latter involved bringing in a management team, and that’s when Gutmann got involved.

Born and raised in Bergen County, Gutmann lived in Manhattan for 10 years, but he’s now back in the New Jersey suburbs. “Frankly, [I] almost always worked in Jersey, even when I lived in the city. I did the reverse-commute.” Though only a stone’s throw from the George Washington Bridge and the business mecca that is Manhattan (and the rest of New York City), office space in his locale is a third as expensive, he said.

“We attract great talent right where we are,”

Sam Gutmann, CEO of OwnBackup

Gutmann and OwnBackup have just moved into a bigger space in Englewood Cliffs, and Gutmann noted that commuting daily to a New Jersey office is easier than crossing the Hudson. “We attract great talent right where we are,” he said, adding that there are two shuttles that transport Gotham residents to the company offices.

The search for talent

OwnBackup is on the lookout for talented folks. “If you’re amazing, and you want to join an amazing fun, fast-growth tech company, we are very, very much hiring,” said Gutmann. He explained that there are currently 39 open positions to fill, including those for account executives, sales development representatives and marketing specialists. “[Bergen County] is a great place. We are one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Bergen County, or perhaps the fastest-growing, and we want to continue to grow here. We look forward to continuing our involvement in the community and to continuing to build a great company.”

Gutmann also stressed that office camaraderie is crucial. “We are very proud of the team we’ve built. Culture is extremely important to us. The two most important things that I do is help hire and attract amazing people and help foster a culture where everyone is working together towards our mission and our vision, but having fun while we do it.”

The absolute number-one challenge? “Hiring amazing people. We have hired slowly and methodically, and there’s a lot of great people out there, but sometimes they take a little time to find. Our growth is certainly dependent on our ability to ramp up the team, and we’ve done a great job at it, but we’ve got a long way to go.”

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The OwnBackup team | courtesy OwnBackup

NJ Tech Weekly


August 15, 2019 Esther Surden 0 Around New Jersey, News, NJ Tech Companies, tech entrepreneurship, Tech for Business, Uncategorized,

Each year, Inc. magazine puts out its list of the 5,000 fastest growing privately held companies in the United States. We looked at the list for 2019 and narrowed it down to the fastest-growing tech and tech-related companies in New Jersey. All of the information here came from the Inc. list or from each company’s own website. The information from Inc. can be found here.

We included some companies that aren’t primarily hardware- or software-oriented. For example, Vydia is a media company, but it developed its own platform, which has been integral to the company’s success.

Company Percent Increase Over the Past 3 Years 2018 Revenue NJ Location What the Company Does
Core Software Technologies 4, 247 $4.6 million Plainsboro Provides embedded, internet-of-things and networking technologies to the banking and healthcare industries.

OwnBackup 3,245 $9.0 million Fort Lee Provides secure and automated cloud-to-cloud backup and restore services. Protects business data from loss and corruption.

Solvix Solutions 2,624 $20.4 million Marlton Markets computer hardware, software and peripherals directly to businesses.

Fusion Recruiting Labs 1,852 $7.7 million Red Bank Builds tools to improve recruitment and hiring processes, for human resources departments in companies of all sizes.

Epion Health 1,599 $4.1 million Hoboken Creates digital connections in the healthcare field. Offers providers ways to improve efficiency, profitability and patient care.

Azure Knowledge 1,288 $19.7 million Piscataway Provides data acquisition and management services, as well as digital-transformation services, for companies creating immersive consumer experiences and high-impact marketing.

Della Infotech 1,166 $4.7 million Hamilton Provides specialized staffing services, focused on the IT, healthcare and manufacturing spaces.
Saligram Systems 704 $5.5 million Plainsboro Helps clients plan investments in technology and design, implement projects and manage critical applications

Vydia 636 $14.2 million Holmdel Operates a platform where musicians and music labels can publish their visual content.

Health Recovery Solutions 538 $6.3 million Hoboken Offers home-care agencies a remote monitoring platform that provides patients with educational videos, care plans and medication reminders.

ClientServer Technology Solutions 467 $3 million Iselin Provides business intelligence, process improvement, quality assurance and software development.

Advanced Computer Solutions Group 428 $3.5 million Mount Laurel Mitigates or intercepts threats to information security; improves network performance; and streamlines, automates and optimizes IT systems.

Penji 420 $2.6 million Camden Provides brands and marketing agencies across the world with unlimited access to graphic design services — for a flat fee. Clients include some of the biggest brands.

Nuvolo 371 $12.2 million Paramus Provides cloud-based software that enables businesses to better manage, protect and maximize the value of their assets.

Visual Computer Solutions 364 $11.1 million Freehold Develops time- and labor-management software for employee scheduling and attendance, personnel management and payroll integration.

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