WSJ on KoP-based Radial

.Tom Paine

The Wall Street Journal ran a piece today on King of Prussia-based Radial (the former GSI Commerce), and an interview with its new CEO,  Ilias Simpson .

Radial had a very good, though challenging, year. As of September 2020, Radial North America had more than $1 billion in new business year-to-date measured by total contract value, compared with $385 million in 2019, the Journal reports. Covid-19 likely caused much of the volume growth, but Simpson also credits Radial’s customer responsiveness (meaning its customers, the vendors).

“Covid moved e-commerce forward, you know, five, eight years, from where people expected it to be”, Simpson told the Journal.

Also, Simpon said Radial used its technology to greatly expand the number of pop-up locations for its clients. “We went from past years when we would do two, three pop-ups a year, to this year, we had over 12 pop-ups planned for our customers”.