People News: R “Ray” Wang; Chris Coons; Fabiola Cineas

Tom Paine

R “Ray” Wang, Founder, Chairman, & Principal Analyst of Constellation Research and generally considered the leading Silicon Valley-based enterprise software analyst, the son of Tawainese immigrants from Allentown, has a new book coming out in July: Everybody Wants to Rule the World: Surviving and Thriving in a World of Digital Giants. It aims to help readers “understand the power of Data-Driven Digital Networks and how they have driven the most successful companies of our time”.

Wang sees each industry sector becoming “a winner-takes-all bloodbath with a widening and accelerating gap between winners and losers”. The business world is evolving towards what Wang calls “Digital Duopolies”, in which each. major sector is ultimately dominated by two digital giants. Wang suggests how you can prepare to survive in this new world.

Delaware Senator Chris Coons, a Biden protege (Politico called him the “Biden Whisperer”), has more of a business background than one might realize. His divorced mother married Robert W. Gore, the late President of W. L. Gore and Associates (Gore-Tex & other products), who died this past September. One publication ranked Gore along with a sister as the wealthiest person in Delaware, with a net worth near $1 billion..

Coons, who received both divinity and law degrees from Yale, spent eight years as in-house counsel for W. L. Gore. 

Coons became US Senator in 2010, succeeding Ted Kaufman, a temporary replacement after Biden assumed the Vice Presidency in 2009..

A 2011 article in the Inquirer states that Coons had never been formally adopted by Gore and wasn’t expected to inherit from the estate, though he had accumulated $2 million in Gore stock possibly from his time working at Gore.

Former @PhillyMag writer Fabiola Cineas earned some positive feedback from LeBron James, for her portrayal of the shooting of Columbus teen Ma’Khia Bryant in Vox, her current journalistic home.