Morgan is out as SAP co-CEO

Tom Paine

Jennifer Morgan, the Newtown Square-based co-CEO of SAP, is leaving the giant business software company, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Christian Kiein, 39 years old and based in Germany, moves from co-CEO to sole CEO.

“More than ever, the current environment requires companies to take swift, determined action which is best supported by a very clear leadership structure. Therefore, the decision to transfer from Co-CEO to sole CEO model was taken earlier than planned to ensure strong, unambiguous steering in times of an unprecedented crisis,” the company said in a statement.

Ms. Morgan, 48, joined SAP in 20o4. She followed former SAP CEO Bill McDermott, now CEO of ServiceNow, to SAP, and was percieved as his protoge.

The true point of contention that led to this sudden decision is not yet known. Morgan became co-CEO along-side Klein in October of last year.

This article by Virginia Backaitis offers some possible explanations.

Local publication interview with new SAP CEO Morgan

Jennifer Morgan (Wikipedia)

Delco Today, a local web magazine in Delaware County, PA where SAP’s North American headquarters is located, interviewed Jennifer Morgan, SAP’s new co-CEO, and her husband Michael in 2017. It provides a lot more insight into who Jennifer is and where she came from than I’ve seen anywhere else.

One thing I did not know: Morgan came to SAP from Oracle’s Siebel Systems, and that’s where she met Bill McDermott and later followed him to SAP. She’s from Northern Virginia and attended James Madison University. Morgan is 48 and her fellow co-CEO,  Christian Klein, is only 39. She is from the client side while Klein is from the tech side.

Morgan joins Safra Catz (Oracle) and Julie Sweet (Accenture) as women leading major enterprise technology companies.