Speculation: Who will be FCC chair? (From CableFax)

“I think [Jessica Rosenworcel] has the inside track, but there could always be a dark horse. We’ve had two or three chairmen over the last generation who got the FCC chairmanship as a consolation prize for not being named Secretary of Commerce. So, there’s already that possibility. Other dark horses are Gigi Sohn, former aide to Tom Wheeler, as well as Ed Smith, former NTIA administrator Larry Strickland, probably former FTC commissioner/Biden staffer Terrell McSweeney. I think any of those three or four could probably be a third commissioner, but at this point I’d put my money on Jessica Rosenworcel—probably 65% to maybe 35% on a dark horse.”

– Andrew Lipman, partner at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius speaking at Deutsche Telecom’s investor conference on who may be named FCC chair.

Dashboard 03-12-21