Reports: Gopuff raises another billion (since confirmed)

Tom Paine

News outlets (TechCrunch and Boston Globe reporting) say GoPuff has raised another $1 billion. The Globe says BlackStone and Fidelity are participating. Fidelity would be a return investor.

A site named  Prime Unicorn Index discovered the information in a Delaware filing, TechCrunch reported.

TechCrunch says this round (H). will be at a $15 billion post-money valuation.

Some observations:

This bring’s Gopuff’s total funding to close to $4 billion.

My guess is this will be the last round before an IPO. (Although you never quite know.)

Gopuff must be performing well enough to justify continued investor confidence. Its goal for this year is to triple revenue over last year to about $1 billion.

More acquisitions are likely. Bandit, announced this week but acquired late last year, was likely a small one. Talks with UK-based Dija are progressing, TechCrunch reports. There will likely be another big one.

Although its too early to tell, the company and its investors must be looking towards some kind of end-game. A closer relationship with Uber Eats is a possibility.

The introduction of prepared food delivered from dark kitchens is both an opportunity and a risk factor. Keeping enough drivers onboard and fairly happy will be a challenge.

The biggest risk is keeping all the pieces in the air together in a hyper-growth environment.

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