KISSmetrics’ decline, Philly’s supply chain queen, Elliot Management’s headlock on SAP

I love good, critical self-analyses, and Hiten Shah’s probing of mistakes he may have made as co-founder of KISSmetrics is a good read.

Lora Cecere heads up Philly-based consultancy Supply Chain Insights , and is among the most knowledgeable analysts in the industry.

Here she writes about who will win the race for NextGen supply chain systems on Diginomics.

Also on Diginomica, Den Howlett and Brian Somer give us the low down on Paul Singer’s (Elliot Management) billion dollar stake in SAP, and don’t roundly condemn it, suggesting a little more vision and focus is needed there.

Chet Kanojia’s latest startup, Boston-based Starry, has filed to raise up to $125 million, according to a filing found by Pitchbook. The startup had already raised $160 million.

You might remember Kanojia’s prior startup, Aereo, which simply tried to give consumers what in effect was free streaming OTA access, only to be struck down by no less authority than the Supreme Court. Taking on the cable industry is difficult.

The newest startup offers wireless internet connectivity by relying on high-rise-mounted transmitters that dispatch millimeter wavelength signals to receivers connected to a building’s existing wiring.