Gopuff launches “Gopuff Kitchen”, says it acquired Bandit last year

Tom Paine

Gopuff announced today in a press release that it had acquired Austin-based Bandit, the “first app-only coffee shop in the U.S.”, late last year.

It also announced that it has expanded into a new category with “Gopuff Kitchen, a new offering that brings made-to-order hot and fresh food to customers alongside everyday essentials”.

Gopuff says “Gopuff’s mobile kitchen facilities are within or adjacent to its micro-fulfillment centers, enabling customers to order breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night food and drink alongside any other essentials all in a single order, delivered in minutes, for a flat fee of $1.95.”

Max Crowley, co-founder of Bandit, is now leading Gopuff’s business expansion efforts, including the Gopuff Kitchen vertical, the company says.

Philadelphia will be included in the pilot program for Gopuff Kitchen, along with more than 20 other markets.

Going from packaged goods to food prep is a different order of magnitude in terms of complexity. Many companies have tripped up making this transition.


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