goPuff has a new CFO

Tom Paine

Being CFO at a company like goPuff must be challenging and somewhat daunting. Its a rather unique company at this point, so there’s no reliable model to build upon. You must create your own.

Each local supply depot (there are over 200 of them) is a different cost center. Its critical to understand how inventory is turning over. That’s a big difference between goPuff and most of the other delivery concepts, who feed off of other’s inventory.

Add to that the fact that things are moving so quickly that its got to be difficult to keep up with. And handling over $1 billion in a year and a half on top of that. While looking at cross-continent acquisitions.

Now goPuff has a new CFO who came on board in November according to LinkedIn. His name is Josh Burke, who began his management career at PwC, and then had stints at UnderAmour and, where he was CFO. He received his MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia.

The previous CFO, Mark Gaudiosi, is a veteran of the Philly scene dating back to ZainyBrainy. He is still listed as CFO on LinkedIn. I’ve tried to reach goPuff for a comment on the CFO transition and haven’t yet received any response.

One thing Burke seems to lack is any high-level responsibility for an IPO process. Frequently companies headed for an IPO will hire CFOs who’ve already headed up such an effort.

Another interesting tidbit on goPuff’s financial management: Its an Oracle ERP and financials user. That choice may originate at the very top of Oracle’s and (goPuff investor) Softbank’s relationship. There are numerous connections between the two companies and their top leaders, Larry Ellison and Masayosh Son.

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