Google, Microsoft & Salesforce team up on Covid-19 Vaccine Passport

April 1, 2021

A consortium made up of Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce is introducing a comprehensive digital Covid-19 vaccine passport solution. The passport will enable authorities to quickly determine who’s received the full vaccine dosage and who hasn’t.

Each individual will have a crystal implanted in the palm of the hand that changes color and begins blinking as they approach a deadline for receiving the vaccine. Alerted by the blinking , police will be able to detain all violaters and limit their access to public venues.

Individuals who are not in good standing with each of the websites will not be able to receive the vaccine.

The companies anticipate that there will be other future uses for the passport system once the virus has been fully eliminated. Several federal government agencies and the Chinese government are reported to be evaluating various applications. For instance, under one scheme the system will be able to determine who’s paid their taxes and who has not.