Comcast & the “U” word; Living by Big Tech’s rules?

Tom Paine

Perhaps the only time you’ve heard the words Comcast and Union together has been in references to Philly’s pro soccer club?

Well, in Massachusetts, seven years after winning an election, Comcast technicians at the Fairhaven, Massachusetts, garage finally have a contract. Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 2322’s new two-year contract was ratified by 79 percent of the eligible membership on February 3. The Fairhaven techs were the first group of Comcast workers in New England to unionize.

How would you like to live in a town owned by , say, Facebook or Twitter? Nevada’s governor,  Steve Sisolak (D), on Friday unveiled a proposal that would allow technology companies to establish jurisdictions with powers similar to those of county governments within the state.. So if one of these companies banned you, would that mean you are banned entirely from physical existence?

Governor Wolf didn’t need anybody’s approval to sign Boston Consulting Group to a no-bid $11.5 million contract to improve the state’s vaccine distribution logistics.

“The need for this intervention was so urgent,” Acting Secretary of Health Alison Beam said.. “I can’t say enough how urgently we needed resources on board … to put controls in place [and] make improvements on our vaccine allocation strategy.”  

One would think a team from Carnegie-Mellon, which is particularly skillful at operational logistics, or Wharton or Penn SEAS for that matter, could do the job as well at perhaps less than Boston prices.

Former Speaker of the House and VP candidate Paul Ryan, who often struck me as having an accountant-like mindset, has joined up with his old running mate Mitt Romney in a Boston PE firm Romney and one of his sons founded, Solamere Capital. Ryan, not one to miss out on a trend, had raised a $300 million SPAC a few months back. By the way, Ryan disagrees with Romney’s pro-impeachment vote.

Next move for Ryan: Conversion to LDS?