A CFO’s Midsummers Night Dream

Tom Paine

I had an odd and [in retrospect] rather amusing dream the other night.

I dreamt I was with an old software & systems firm I used to be CFO for. It was at the end of the quarter and it had been a slow one.

Suddenly, in one department I noticed some fresh produce ready to ship to customers (notwithstanding that we were in the software biz). I asked people where it had come from, but nobody could say.

I began counted items for the end-of-quarter close, though I didn’t think this stuff would make a difference. But then I walked downstairs to a different work area and there was much more produce ready to ship out. Some of this was corn, which makes sense because the building the business was housed in was next to a cornfield. Overall this produce was a big surprise, and it looked like the quarter might end well.

Counting produce is something I did in a summer job working in a grocery store, so maybe that’s where that came from