Circonus: Great tech, large market opportunity, huge competitors

Tom Paine

See who are usually named as Circonus’ main competitors; Datadog ($55.8 bn marketcap), New Relic ($7.2 bn) & Dynatrace ($17.6. bn). While Circonus, with 25 employees, doesn’t compete with all the services these companies provide, just to be mentioned in the same breadth is a huge positive. Although it brings back memories of being in LA Harbor in a small speedboat right nexf to one of those gjant Asian containerships.

Malvern-based Circonus, under CEO Bob Moul, recently raised $10 million led by Baird Capital, bringing its total capital raised to $16.8 milllion. NewSpring Capital and Osage Venture Partners also participated again, along with Bull City Partners (a reference to the Durham Bulls).

Circonus provides a platform for monitoring the quality of real time transmissions, today often in the form of video streaming it seems, but any type of telemetry is applicable. Apps that produce spigots of data, like what come across financial wires, are another example.

Founder Theo Schlossnagel
is still active as Engineer Emeritus. The Maryland-based Schlossnagel has serious tech creds. Among companies he help to found was Message Systems (now SparkPost) once owned by LLR Partners, which eventually sold for $600 million earlier this year..
Schlossnagel is a recognized expert on scalability..

Moul, best kown for his time running Boomi, is skilled at packaging and simplifying complex technologies and selling them to the boardroom as well as to developers. Moul has currently been rounding out the senior management team, including the addition of former GreenPhire CTO David Wallace as Circonus. CTO. Moul brought Chris McNabb over to Boomi to eventually become CEO, and that worked out rather well.

Circonus’ Full Stack platform incorporates a number of powerful technologies under the hood, led by a highly scalable time series database (IRONdb). Ciconus’ patented Histogram technology, now open source, allows for reducing the volume of data stored while representing its distribution accurately.

Earlier this year, Circonus introduced a “Zero Gravity” Data solution for Edge,5g and IoT applications.

Circonus’ customer base is inpressive: HBO, Xandr (built around the ad platform AppNexus) which AT&T just agreed to sell to Microsoft, MLB, Cisco Webex and Redfin among them.

The new raise will enable Circonus to double headcount, expand product development & sales and marketing.

Feedbsck and reviews on Circonus’ tech stack are usually excellent, although some note a complex installatiom process and a desire for better documentation.

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Comcast exec, Navy vet to run for GOP nomination in PA 5th district

David Galluch, 31, of Newtown Square,
has filed to run for Congress as a Republicans in PA’s 5th
District. If he wins the nomination, he would face Democratic incumbent Mary Gay Scanlon.

Galluch is currently Senior Manager, Growth and Strategic Development, at Comcast.

Galluch graduated from the Naval Academy, spent years in service, and received his Masters from the University of Cambridge.

In the Navy, he served in the Middle East and Somalia and was a Navy Seal.

Scanlon, the incumbent, receieved 64% in the 2020 race, so Galluch faces an uphill battle. Scanlon had previously been an attorney with Ballard Spahr.

The Fifth District, composed mostly of Delaware County, has been a swing district in recent years.